Be the (Wo)man Who Delivers Growth

Presenter: Aurelie Guerrieri

Looking for a sure-fire way to get ahead? The answer is - Deliver growth to your company! McKinsey shows that growth is a predictor of company success, and being the one to own that growth is key to career progression.

Historically, line managers were the only ones with revenue generation opportunity. Digital is changing that and putting marketers at the center of results: CMOs are now in line for CEO succession.

Mobile is the next big-thing in digital. Users spend north of 2 hours per day on their phones and this is growing. Figuring out how to engage with mobile users impacts all businesses to their core, across all industries.

In this webinar, Aurelie Guerrieri will discuss how to develop a sophisticated and effective mobile marketing strategy so you can play in the big leagues! You will learn:

- Why a sophisticated mobile marketing strategy is a must-have today
- How to calculate ROI (return on investment), and navigate mobile performance indicators (MAU, CPI, ARPU, etc.)
- The key elements of a successful mobile marketing strategy
- How it should evolve over time
- Tactical tips and pitfalls to avoid
- Tools of the trade

Aurelie Guerrieri is a leading global catalyst in mobile advertising and a champion for diversification of the wireless ecosystem. Her specializations are in strategic business development, marketing, international expansion and corporate development.

Aurelie is the Founder & President of Akila One, a growth-focused boutique consultancy working with CEOs of digital companies such as LoopUp (IPO'd), Madison-Reed, Udacity, SimplyHired, Koru and FileRight. Most recently, Akila One helped Inventhys (IBM IoT channel) evangelize successful business models in IoT, MobPartner expand to the US and get sold to Cheetah Mobile, Viber to launch in-chat m-commerce, Deloitte to understand the impact of digital innovation on pharma, and IAC to increase its apps monetization double-digits.

Aurelie has also served as President of Women in Wireless, where she has launched 12 international outposts and grown the organization to more than 12,000 members worldwide.

Aurelie is the author of two mobile marketing reference books, including The Mobile Native's Guide to Marketing. She is the host of the podcast season #GrowthHacking is Dead, Long Live #GrowthMarketing.

In 2016, Aurelie was named one of 25 Mobile Women to Watch by Mobile Marketer, considered the most prestigious award for female executives in the mobile marketing industry.