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Pivot Your Career to Cognitive IoT (Internet of Things and AI)

Presenter: Sudha Jamthe

Cognitive IoT is bringing AI to ordinary things all around us across many industries. Come learn from Technology Futurist and IoT author Sudha Jamthe, about Cognitive IoT, the junction of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Did you know Pacemakers are connected to WiFi, Alexa is now getting onto cars and our city lights collect traffic pattern data? Did you know IoT data can be stored in the cloud or on the Edge of a business network or factory? Come learn about Cognitive IoT and how to pivot your career into this exciting new field.

In this Webinar you will learn:

- What is Cognitive IoT?
- What is the Internet of Things and what is involved in building an IoT and making it into a successful business?
- What are applications of Cognitive IoT?
- What is the Cognitive IoT landscape and what companies are working on this?
- What are the skills needed to work in Cognitive IoT?
- What are the job roles of this evolving new field?
- How can you Pivot your career to IoT and Cognitive IoT?
- Can you learn additional skills or take on projects in your current jobs to move to this field without making a huge career shift?
- What are some entrepreneurial opportunities in Cognitive IoT?

Sudha Jamthe is the CEO of and a globally recognized Technology Futurist with a 20+ year mix of entrepreneurial, academic and operational experience. Sudha loves shaping new technology ecosystems and mentoring leaders by authoring books, teaching online courses and advising business professionals on digital transformation and pivoting their careers.

Sudha Jamthe is the author of "2030 The Driverless World: Business Transformation from Autonomous Vehicles" and 3 IoT books. She teaches IoT Business and the Business of Self-Driving Cars at Stanford Continuing Studies and aspires to bring Cognitive IoT and Autonomous Vehicles together. She serves as the chair of the strategic advisory council of Barcelona Technology School.

You can always find her latest opinions on Medium, Amazon, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter @sujamthe or get her newsletter at