Virtual Events

How Technology Teams are Preparing for the Digital Future - and What This Means for You

Presenters: Alisia Genzler

Is your organization prepared for the digital future? According to results of a recently completed Randstad study, only 10% of companies have mastered the digital tools and organizational transformation necessary to improve their business operations and profitability. For the other 90%, one of their top challenges is attracting and retaining enough of the skilled people necessary to successfully leverage technology and shape their organizations' ability to face the future.

In this webinar, learn what Randstad has found in its survey of both company executives and workers about their challenges in adapting to rapid technological change, and the steps your organization can take to successfully confront the talent shortage threatening to derail so many efforts. Specifically, gain insight into how organizations are:

- Adopting more strategic and comprehensive approaches to recruiting and retaining skilled people.
- Shaping their future workforce through developing programs to recruit and develop emerging talent.
- Implementing strategies to expand the workforce by helping build a more diverse workforce.

Alisia Genzler, President & Chief Client Officer at Randstad Technologies, is a frequent speaker at technology industry events on topics related to the challenges of building and retaining a skilled technology workforce. In her role at Randstad Technologies, Alisia is responsible for the business operations of all the sales teams throughout the United States. She oversees all sales teams, manages sales performance across strategic, major, key and emerging account segments and brings strategy to major and emerging client accounts. Alisia offers over 20 years of industry experience which includes serving as the Regional Vice President of the Northeast for Technisource.

Alisia started her career with SFN Group as an Account Executive and was promoted into a regional management position in 2006 due to her hard work, leadership, and dedication. She moved over to Technisource in 2007 after the firm was acquired by SFN Group in 2007. Offices under her leadership have excelled; repeatedly winning quarterly and annual production awards. Alisia has garnered the Pinnacle Award, the SFN Group's highest performance recognition award.

Alisia graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Finance and Financial Management Services.