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How to Voice Your Ideas Effectively at the Right Time to Get Ahead in Your Career

Presenter: Anuradha I Pariti – Senior Manager, Unified Governance and Machine Learning, IBM

"You may not have the right answer"
"You are probably wrong about the whole thing, after all they are more experienced than you"
"Better to keep quiet - don't make a fool out of yourself"
"You may disrespect the person if you speak your mind"

These are some of the many voices living rent-free in our heads that hold us back from speaking up and voicing our opinions. Whether the situation is to offer insight into a topic in front of executives or to ask a question about a proposal presented by a team lead, women in general hesitate to express their ideas and thoughts. One or more of the following reasons can contribute to this:

- Fear of getting rejected/embarrassed
- Not being comfortable to speak in public
- Trying to avoid conflicts
- Fear of being disliked
- Self-doubt
- Cultural background

However, research suggests that this will hinder career advancement and we might miss out on that raise, promotion, or being called as a subject matter expert. Beyond the obvious, this will have an impact on one's confidence and self-respect.

Join us in this webinar where Anuradha Pariti will:

- Explore reasons why people hold back from speaking up.
- Share her own personal stories about how she faced some of these situations.
- Discuss techniques and tips that can be put into action.

Anuradha I Pariti - Senior Manager, Unified Governance and Machine Learning, IBM

Anuradha has over 17 years of professional experience designing and developing complex products. She has been driving the Unified Governance and Machine Learning capabilities. Prior to this, she drove the service reliability and deployment mission in the Watson Data Platform. She has fostered the environment in the organization where the team pushes the boundaries to work on innovative projects and do not hesitate to try unique ways of solving problems.