What's the Buzz about Blockchain?

Presenters: Katherine Nangle and Kate Mitselmakher

The blockchain is quickly becoming one of the world's largest networks for data transfer, except without the risks. In this webinar, Katherine and Kate will discuss:

- What it is

- How it's being used today

- Future use cases from both an enterprise and startup perspective

Katherine Nangle has been in consultative IT and Supply Chain sales for over 10 years, partnering with CxO's in healthcare, retail, consumer goods and manufacturing. She has responsibilities for a diverse portfolio of sales and business development activities across the Southeast and Southwest on behalf of new client engagement, partnering with senior client executives to develop future workforce capabilities in key functional groups, drive transformation strategies, guide investment decisions and develop innovation roadmaps to ensure businesses have the agility to compete. In addition, she has been Accenture's associate lead for North America within Healthcare Blockchain, helping Accenture's payer, provider and life science customers understand how to use blockchain technology to improve efficiencies within their businesses.

Kate Mitselmakher is the CEO, Founder & General Partner of Bloccelerate VC, a blockchain fund and an accelerator looking to invest in 50-100 blockchain companies over the next 5 years. Kate has not only been one of the early investors in blockchain technologies since 2013, but also a passionate blockchain advocate for social impact and enterprise applications across global governments and Fortune 500 companies. During her tenure with the world's largest technology research firm, Gartner, Kate supported top CIOs of global enterprises across a full spectrum of technology strategy & implementation. In the past three years, as a part of Gartner Invest group, Kate has advised numerous venture-based companies and accelerators, such as Alchemist Accelerator. She also worked alongside some of the top investors in Silicon Valley, thereby creating a strong network of top entrepreneurs, VCs, and technology buyers. Kate is serving as a co-chair for Blockchain for Social Impact for the United Nations. During her free time, Kate also runs Seattle-based blockchain meet-up and completes her master's thesis on Blockchain from Harvard University.