Strategy to Generate High Impact Media Coverage

Presenter: Parna Sarkar-Basu

Put yourself in the shoes of reporters and influencers who are tasked with writing about innovations, news and related stories. They are inundated with dozens of pitches and email blasts every day. In fact, many emails get deleted even before they are opened - it could be because of an irrelevant subject line or the same person sending multiple emails. Needless to say, this can be highly frustrating to professionals who are looking to get coverage for their brand - whether it's a company or a thought leader.

So how do you get their attention and convince a journalist that your solution is indeed unique and deserves attention?

- Key mis-conceptions
- How to identify the right journalists
- Crafting pitches that will help you get noticed
- Do's and don'ts
- And more

Parna Sarkar-Basu is a corporate marketing strategist and CEO and Founder of Brand and Buzz Marketing. She is also V.P. of Marketing for WITI.

Leveraging her two passions - technology and brand building - Parna humanizes corporate brands, builds thought leaders and creates industry buzz to elevate companies to new heights. She has been instrumental in propelling tech companies into innovation leaders in highly competitive markets, including artificial intelligence, enterprise software, storage systems, robots, managed service providers (MSPs) and digital solutions.

Recipient of multiple awards, Parna is called a ‘media maven' by her peers for her ability to turn complex concepts into interesting stories that generate coverage in major business and broadcast media, globally. Parna has led marketing and communications functions for various global companies, including Kaminario, iRobot, iCorps Technologies, Invention Machine (acquired by IHS), Verivo Software (acquired by Appery) and PTC. She now serves as a strategic advisor to CEOs and women entrepreneurs in the U.S and U.K..