Virtual Events

How AI is Shaping Business, Society and Workplace

Presenter: Parna Sarkar-Basu , CEO and Founder, Brand and Buzz Marketing, LLC
Joe Barkai, industry analyst and strategist, blogger and author

Artificial intelligence is powering a monumental transition from the Information Age to the Age of Intelligent Machines that is impacting business, society, and everyday life. Autonomous cars, personalized precision medicine, chatbots and cobots, lights-out factories, and other intelligent machines will alter the way enterprises operate and promise to improve the quality of life of many individuals. But these intelligent machines also track our every move, expose and create biases, challenge the makeup of the workforce, and, some fear, will one day get a will of their own and go rogue.

In this webinar, Parna Sarkar-Basu and Joe Barkai will share their perspectives on the impact of AI and offer tips on using AI effectively and safely. They will discuss:

- Myths vs. reality in AI
- AI threats – real and perceived
- Societal and ethical implications of AI applications

Parna Sarkar-Basu, a tech advocate, helps companies navigate the digital era and created the robot technology category and ecosystem along with the founders of iRobot. She is also V.P. of Marketing for WITI.

Leveraging her two passions – technology and brand building – Parna humanizes corporate brands, builds thought leaders, simplifies the complex and creates industry buzz to elevate companies to new heights. She has been instrumental in propelling tech companies into innovation leaders in highly competitive markets, including artificial intelligence, enterprise software, storage systems, robots, managed service providers (MSPs) and digital solutions.

Recipient of multiple awards, Parna serves as a strategic advisor to entrepreneurs and CEOs in the U.S. and Europe and works with their team on a variety of initiatives, including corporate and product positioning, launching companies and innovative products and reputation management.

Parna has led marketing and communications functions for various global companies, including Kaminario, iRobot, iCorps Technologies, Invention Machine (acquired by IHS), Verivo Software (acquired by Appery) and PTC.

Joe Barkai is a recognized industry analyst, strategy advisor, blogger and published author. His focus is on researching, forecasting and the strategic application of technology across a broad spectrum of industries and business functions.

Joe also serves as the Chairman of the Automotive IoT program at SAE, a 128,000-member-strong organization of automotive and aerospace engineers, giving him a unique perspective on emerging technologies and business models in connected cars, autonomous driving, and mobility of the future.

In his book The Outcome Economy: How the Industrial Internet of Things is Transforming Every Business, Joe explores the impact of the Industrial Internet of Things on manufacturing companies and offers a perspective on product innovation and operation in an always-connected world.

Previously, as Vice President of Research at IDC, a leading global market research firm, Joe led global research across a broad spectrum of industries, including automotive, industrial equipment, aerospace, construction machinery, medical devices and high-tech.