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Not a Salesperson? How You Can Still Impact Your Companies' Top-Line and Advance Your Career

Presenter: Marti Evans

"5 Steps to Becoming a Corporate Hero"

Curiosity and Listening can separate you from the pack and ensure you get noticed and accelerate your career. In this webinar, Marti will dispel any myths you have about what selling is and help you gain a new perspective on what it takes to impact your companies' top line. She will also share the "5 Steps to Becoming a Corporate Hero."

Technology firms have been plagued by the age-old challenge of strife between sales and operations. This 'strife' negatively impacts your company AND more importantly, your client.

The prize......the technology person who can reach across the isle by 'seeking first to understand' all at the table. In the process, you will help your clients in more significant ways AND affect your companies top-line ....... all without carrying a quota!

Rise Above and Be Part of The Solution..... Not Part Of The Problem!

As an Executive Coach, Marti will work with attendees to identify the hidden biases, perceptions and attitudes that may be holding them back from being a break-out performer and impacting their companies top-line and why it is important to them to do so.

The roles of Curiosity and Listening will be explored. By following the "5 Steps to Becoming a Hero" you will stand out and be identified as a strategic, break-through thinker and top-performer. Advancement opportunities and greater job satisfaction is yours to attain.

Marti Evans is a certified Executive Coach grounded as an Industry 4.0 Digitization and an Operational Excellence thought leader. Marti has worked for Fortune 50 technology companies such as IBM, SAP & Microsoft. In leading and winning highly competitive ERP sales pursuits, she understands the complexity involved. She has also been fully engaged in the delivery of these highly complex projects. Managing sales teams, cross-functional pursuit teams, delivery teams and the client relationships at all levels, she has been recognized for her authentic leadership, deep relationships and strategy development and execution to separate from the pack. Her work has taken her from the C-Suites and operational teams of North America to operational sites in the US, Canada, Chile and Mongolia. As an Executive Coach, she brings tools, methodologies and the understanding to unleash human potential.