Virtual Events

Emotional Intelligence: How Emotions Impact Performance

Presenter: Kelley Ashby, Founder and President of Kelley Ashby Consulting, LLC

Emotions drive people. People drive performance. Many people believe they know what Emotional Intelligence (EI) is, but their understanding misses just how much EI impacts us in every relationship we form throughout our lives. Upon completing this webinar, participants will understand how emotions impact three critical areas of our professional and personal lives:

- Decision-making
- Behaviors
- Performance

Studies have shown that EI has twice the power of IQ to predict performance and is a better predictor than employee skill, knowledge, or expertise. In fact, EI skills are the foundation of high-performing organizations. EI skills and behaviors are observable and measurable and the best news: They are learnable! Find out how to improve your emotional intelligence and start applying EI skills in your professional and personal life today!

Kelley Ashby is the Founder and President of Kelley Ashby Consulting, LLC and currently serves as an independent trainer, consultant, and coach where she develops and delivers customized training and consultation services focused on helping organizations develop and enhance the competencies and leadership talents of professional staff and students. She is a certified Genos International Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and helps individuals and organizations improve their "EI" - a skill that will be required in nearly all jobs by 2020. Kelley's goal is to help individuals succeed and organizations achieve their goals by improving employees' skills, creating positive work cultures, and increasing employee engagement.