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Do You Have Your "No Team?" - How to Increase Alignment of Your IT with the Business Using DevOps and Agile Practices

Presenter: Ewa Pasewicz and Piotr Jachimczak

The alignment of IT and the business has become a hot topic. Companies want to reduce the gap between the IT world and the business world to smoothly deliver "high-quality software that delivers great business value." What comes as a surprise, is that in the context of the IT/business alignment discussion, very little is said about the alignment of IT teams themselves. We need to consider software development as a value chain and all teams (IT and business) involved need to have a solid understanding of the whole process and feel responsible for the final outcome.

In this webinar, Ewa Pasewicz and Piotr Jachimczak will identify some "pathological" team behavioral patterns they have noticed working with dozens of companies and suggest useful tips on how to avoid them using Agile and DevOps practices that actually work.

Ewa Pasewicz is an Experienced Managing Member, Co-owner, Vice President and Business Development Director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is skilled in Banking, Enterprise Architecture, IT Service Management, IT Strategy, and Cloud Computing.

Ewa is a strong business development professional with a master's degree focused in Quantitative methods and information systems in economy, from Warsaw School of Economics. Her extensive experience and knowledge acquired during the implementation of many Polish and international projects in the field of IT, translates into a unique ability to effectively match the offered product solutions to the market needs and its institutions. Ewa has delivered a series of speeches as an expert at prestigious conferences and she is the author of many publications (especially in the financial sector, prepared in cooperation with the Polish Bank Association) and cyber security.

Piotr Jachimczak is an Agile enthusiast and a supporter of the DevOps movement, with almost 15 years of professional experience in the IT industry. Piotr is a Software Development Director at Software Mind, a Polish outsourcing and IT consulting company. He has a master's degree in Computer Science and an executive MBA.

Early in his career, Piotr was involved in the technical aspects of software development as a .NET developer, database developer, tester, and occasionally business analyst. After realizing that IT/business alignment is the most serious bottleneck in software development, he decided to switch to the "management" path and has been devoted to researching and solving that issue ever since. As a consultant, he's had the opportunity to work on dozens of projects for multiple companies and can objectively observe and analyze IT practices that work ... and those that definitely do not.