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Leverage Social Media to Increase Your Leadership Positioning in Your Field

Presenter: Gretchen Fox, CEO & Founder of MTO Agency

Social Media, love it or hate it - it's a powerful tool. Learn how to wield it to help you increase your leadership positioning within your industry, job market and/or at your company. In this webinar, we will go from high-level vision to practical application and idea generation unique to you.

Gretchen Fox is the CEO & Founder of MTO Agency, a full-service digital agency dedicated to building and optimizing high-growth conscious companies, teams and leaders.

Prior to launching MTO, Gretchen was Vice President of Social Media at Live Nation and Ticketmaster where she built an in-house social agency to service the biggest performing artists in the world and lead the training of over one hundred field marketers across North America. Prior to that, she worked in Silicon Valley tech, where she launched one of the first social TV technologies in history creating innovative digital experiences for AELTC's Wimbledon, NBC's Winter Olympics, IndyCar Race Control properties and more.