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How to Boost Cyber Security in OT/IT

Presenter: Ewa Pasewicz

We are currently participating in the process of the fourth industrial revolution. The three previous ones: steam engine, production line and production automation, made it possible to realize previously unattainable efficiency. In this fourth revolution, the main things are the "Internet of Things” and "Industrial Internet of Things" - allowing global access to data and machines, building "machine intelligence" and assuming full autonomy of production processes. This global access is the cause of the emergence of new threats that may result in the interruption of production processes, ecological disasters or even the threat to people's lives.

Due to the necessity to ensure high availability of these systems, it is not possible, as in the IT systems, for their easy and frequent updating or modernization, and any changes can only be made in technological breaks once a year, and in most cases even longer. Business requires the OT network to provide data for planning and optimization of production, and this is done by connecting these networks to the IT infrastructure, which we naturally do not separate from public networks which are at risk to the whole range of threats.

These main arguments are already sufficient enough that organizations in which OT infrastructure exists, use SCADA systems should consider them as a general part of their IT infrastructure and use similar security measures and techniques that are applied to internal IT infrastructure.

In this webinar, Ewa will explore one of the most modern IDS systems. She will discuss how to use hardware, software, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to monitor industrial networks and protect them.

Ewa Pasewicz is a strong business development professional with a master's degree focused in Quantitative methods and information systems in economy, from Warsaw School of Economics and Launching Breakthrough Technologies at Harvard University. Her extensive experience and knowledge acquired during the implementation of many EU and international projects in the field of IT, translates into a unique ability to effectively match the offered product solutions to the market needs and its institutions. Ewa has delivered a series of speeches as an expert at prestigious conferences and she is the author of many publications (especially in the financial sector, prepared in cooperation with the Polish Bank Association) and cyber security.

You can learn more about Ewa and read her recent WITI article at the following: