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The Secrets of LinkedIn Branding

Presenter: Madeline Mann

There is massive potential on LinkedIn to build a strong brand for yourself and your business, but yet so many people go about it the wrong way. In this webinar, you'll learn how to build a brand on LinkedIn that people know and trust without you ever paying a cent for LinkedIn Premium or ads. You'll learn how to gain visibility so that you are frequently approached to do speaking engagements, to interview at companies, and to work with clients. Through this system you'll start having LinkedIn work for you.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

- What makes LinkedIn the best place to put your social media energy when it comes to converting action into revenue.
- How the LinkedIn algorithm works, and why you need to apply different strategies than other platforms.
- The steps to build a compelling brand on LinkedIn.
- And more!

So, skyrocket the number of profile views you get, dramatically increase your response rate when you send messages, and invest in the most important thing during a tough economic climate: your personal brand. Join us in this insight-packed session!

Madeline Mann is a Human Resources Leader and Career Strategist, known for her rapid-fire and pithy career advice videos on her channel "Self Made Millennial," which has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across platforms. Mann transformed her experience as an HR & Recruiting leader into advice on how to empower ambitious professionals to fast-track their careers. Madeline's work has been featured by Business Insider, Newsweek, LinkedIn Local, and more. She was named a top 50 person to follow on LinkedIn, and a top 10 YouTube channel for job seekers. 


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