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CONVERSATIONS IN THE FAST LANE: Redesigning Your Success for More Passion, Purpose and Ease

Presenter: Renessa Boley Layne

In the mad dash to succeed, many of us find ourselves in the fast lane going in the wrong direction - compromising our health, relationships, passions and personal satisfaction in the pursuit of success. Moments of crisis and change often force us to question whether the payoff is worth the sacrifices. Whether finding your "right direction" requires a complete personal or professional U-turn or a mere shift in direction, Renessa offers insights from her book, Fast Lane, Wrong Direction, to help you strategically design your work and life. Coupled with her breakthrough new tool, the Success & Happiness Test, this interactive discussion serves as an annual "tune-up", inspiring women to take greater ownership of their career, fulfillment and personal life design.

In this webinar, you will learn:

1. The 4 signs on the road that signal when you are in the fast lane heading in the wrong direction in your career, business or leadership.
2. The single biggest trap to finding and maintaining your "right direction" personally and professionally, and how to overcome it.
3. The 3 questions that instantly reveal how to course correct so that you can achieve more and enjoy more in your work and life right now.

PLUS: You get access to the Success & Happiness Test - 12 powerful questions that reveal your unique strategy for creating the work and life you love right now (including a 10-page personalized assessment). Test is available FREE to webinar attendees at

Renessa Boley Layne is founder of the Perfect Work Academy and author of the book, Fast Lane, Wrong Direction: Insider Secrets to Redesign Your Success and Reclaim the Passion, Purpose and Balance You Lost Along the Way. She helps high-achieving women who have grown bored and burned out, to create their "Perfect Work" - be it radically changing careers, launching a business, or bringing a big idea to life. Renessa's mission is to equip women everywhere to discover, design and get highly paid to do work they love!

She has been featured as a leading authority in such publications as Washington Post, Career Builder, Huffington Post and and as well as ABC, NBC