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Parents Transitioning to Remote Learning

Stephanie Means, Education Expert, Microsoft
Valerie Madison, Community Development Specialist, Microsoft
Tonya Davis, TEALS Regional Manager

Parents and Guardians
Wherever your students are on their journey to remote learning, find the help you need to keep them engaged, connected, and on track to succeed.

Learning Tools
Microsoft Learning Tools are free tools that implement proven techniques to improve reading and writing for learners regardless of their age or ability. Free and easy to use. Learning Tools are available in Word, Word Online, OneNote, OneNote Online, Outlook Online, and Microsoft Edge.

To all parents, guardians, family and friends,

You're doing great. Although you might be experiencing disruptions into your daily routines - whether you are working from home or your child is home from school - this does not mean you are incapable. Instead, may this be a time to surprise yourself and affirm your own endurance, discipline, confidence and resiliency. You are more than enough!

This is also a time to consider what's essential. We are realizing now more than ever the myriad ways our children can learn and engage from home, but this does not mean that you as the adult must ensure all that is available is in front of them. Instead, it means you and your child get to make a choice in how to have a productive day. It doesn't have to be everything, but it can be anything.

Break down the day with what you and your child need: Food. Bathroom breaks. Hand soap. And then, supplement as you can. Use these inspiring, incredible resources to fill thirty minutes, maybe an hour or two. Ask how your child is doing. Ask yourself how you are doing. Take a walk together. Have a snack together. Read a book alone to offer some space. Then do it all again the next day. And give grace to both you and your family if even a small part of your day was productive. Trust that you are all doing your best.

We are, too. We're inspired by your tenacity to empower your family, and we admire your effort - hour by hour, day by day. Learning is everything, but time matters, too. Time together.

Here are some simple ideas that will be discussed during this webinar:

Engage your family for an hour or morewith these safe and simple, family-led learning experiences for ages 3 to 12. This collection of free activities, curated out of educational resources from around the world, encourages families to Learn, Do and Share. Enjoy some time together!

Activities by Age:
Ages 3 to 6

Learn Family History, Build a Dinosaur, Have a Dance Party, and more!

Ages 6 to 9
Stop Motion Animation, Make Summer Plans, Learn About Planets, and more!

Ages 9 to 12
Learn about AI, Write a News Story, Meet an Artist, and more!

We'll share a sample home learning schedule to make life just a little bit easier! Plus, more family tools and resources