Virtual Events

Design at Scale: Collaborating on, Testing, and Launching a Website Redesign

Presenter: Nelle McDade, Product Design Lead at MongoDB

In this webinar, Nelle will discuss the ways to lead a website redesign using a collaborative and user-centric design process. Throughout this talk, you'll hear about the design process, the importance of user research and testing, and how to successfully launch and measure the impact of your website redesign. Using MongoDB's recent navigation redesign as an example, Nelle will walk you through how she led a year and a half long project at a 1500+ person company, spoke to 101 customers across the world and drove deeper customer engagement and product adoption. She will cover:

- Creating alignment and driving buy-in from company stakeholders on the goals and success metrics for your website redesign.
- Discovering opportunities using user research: from stakeholder and customer interviews to uncover pain points, needs, and expectations.
- Validating your designs with two user testing methodologies: task analysis and usability testing.
- Crafting a user-centric launch strategy to mitigate the risks of the website redesign.
- Measuring the impact of your website redesign and prioritizing future iteration and improvements.

Nelle McDade is a Product Design Lead at MongoDB, an avid DIY-er and hiking enthusiast, living in Queens, NY. She leads MongoDB's Cloud Core Product Design team. They work on everything fundamental to MongoDB's web experience, from first-touch moments like signup and login to billing, authentication, access management, navigation, and integrations. Before MongoDB, Nelle was the first designer at Button, a startup based in NY, and worked there for 4 years seeing the company grow from 6 people to 50+. She cares deeply about empowering designers to make the best design decisions, equality in tech, and making sure design is still "fun.”