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WITI’s Digital Inclusivity Summit & 2021 - Corporate Partnership Programs

Is your company dedicated to creating a culture that includes and uplifts all employees?

Is your company growing and committed to supporting a diverse workforce?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then this event is for you!

During this immersive and informative event, we will:

1) Introduce you to WITI's new “Powered by WITI” platform - designed to support the unique needs of each employee

2) Demo WITI's talent acquisition programs to engage both active and passive candidates

3) Discuss how WITI can assist you in promoting company branding, diversity, inclusion, talent acquisition, and retention.

Takeaways from this event:

1) Learn how our partners such as Microsoft, CVS Health, Gilead, Western Digital, and Amgen have integrated “Powered by WITI” into their Employee Resource Groups

2) Discover how Salesforce partners with WITI events to source and to hire inspired employees

3) Learn how Gilead utilizes WITI's Wellbeing Center to make programs like “Yoga-Nidra Meditation” and “Business Not as Usual: A Safe Space to Talk About Race” available to their employees

*In WITI's 30 years of supporting women in reaching their career goals, building strong partnerships, and creating diverse and inclusive environments, we have formulated proven strategies to make the most of these programs.

*WITI Partners provide each of their employee programs support that speaks volumes about their company's commitment to their well-being and growth.

*WITI celebrates and shines a spotlight on diversity and inclusion by facilitating virtual, interactive global events comprised of culturally diverse programs, providing each participant learning and relationship-building opportunities.

Please join us on Dec 1, Tuesday at 6:00 PM IST to learn about WITI's virtual programs and the upcoming 2020 Virtual Summit.

David Leighton is the co-founder and current president of WITI. During his presidency, he has turned WITI into a global enterprise. He is a creative, highly-motivated relationship-builder, and has a strong network that covers multiple industries. He is the chairman of Risk Analysis Group, co-founder of Criterion Research, co-founder of Webolution, and previous executive team-builder at Borland International.

Arya Murali is an engineer by education, TEDx speaker, Jagriti Yatri, and one of the 18 young women to receive the prestigious WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholarship.

Arya is an experienced program management and technical sales professional who cares deeply about education, inclusion, and entrepreneurship. She built a community of 1000+ women in tech as the lead for Google Women Techmakers, Cochin,g and impacted 5000+ young women in tech through programs such as the Women in Tech Learning program ( (

Arya also brings in a wealth of partnership experience with corporates and Non-profit organizations such as Google, AnitaB India, Muthoot Foundation, and Palo Alto Networks.