WITI Australia: The Power of Resilience

If nothing else, 2020 reminded us of the "power of a pivot", that efficiencies do not always work and in fact, one size does not fit all in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. So, how do we stay sane within the tumult of it all?

Resilience is the secret sauce that keeps you going when you most want to quit. But it’s not that you have resilience or you don't.

Resilience starts with the right mindset separating those who grow from those who plateau. It is also a teachable and learnable set of skills that can help you learn to better navigate both the triumphs and tragedies in life.

Join Louis Alloro for a fun, upbeat and practical webinar where you’ll learn how to capitalize on what’s good and make a plan to change what is not. Start 2021 strong and be ready to take one whatever comes your way.

Louis Alloro is a positive psychologist helping teams, organization and communities learn the mental, emotional, and social skills needed to not just cope, but adapt, innovate and thrive in the 21st Century using solid science and smart strategies. He is co-founder of The Change Lab and senior fellow at the Centre for the Advancement of Wellbeing.

Louis Alloro
The Change Lab

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