Powerful Virtual Leadership

The world has changed. We are not going fully back to how it used to be, ever. We have been dramatically fast forwarded into the digital future. How can you be a great virtual leader, keep yourself and your team productive in this new environment and powerfully set yourself up for success? 

Join John Bates as he shares some of the most important keys to your present and future Leadership success. 

John Bates is a Leadership Communication Expert and #1 bestselling author and his highly effective coaching, training and keynotes are based in the neurobiology and evolutionary biology of human leadership and communication.

John works with forward thinking leaders and teams to help them change the world. John supports many organizations like NASA (including the astronauts), Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Boston Scientific, Coca-Cola, Motorola, IBM, AirLiquid and many others.  John is regularly recommended by his clients as one of the best and most effective leadership communication trainers and executive coaches working today.

John is also one of the most prolific TED-talk format trainers in the world. He has coached and or spoken for over 35 specific TEDx events, he coaches and trains for the TED Fellows program, and he has trained many high-level leaders for their summits, engagements and events.