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WITI India - Real Talks on Marriage

When it comes to women pursuing their bold career goals, one of the most important decisions they make is whom to marry. How do you choose your partner, how to align your personal goals along with your family's goals and how to build a great partnership that serves both partners equally are all questions young women grapple with.

Given India's cultural context, add to this confusion, the pressure to get married very early into a woman's career and start a family. It is easy for anyone to give in to mere societal expectations without being clear about their own personal aspirations and needs.

The WITI Real Talks is here to bring pressing topics that affect women’s careers to the forefront and make it as real as it gets. For the inaugural event of the WITI Real Talks, we'll have an intimate discussion on the topic of marriage in general. We're expecting personal experiences of our speakers and attendees alike to come through during this discussion and to find support in the sisterhood we all share. Please join us with an open heart and the mind and we're sure you'll find a sense of belonging in our circle.

Rituparna Mandal, General Manager, Mediatek

Rituparna Mandal is currently the General Manager at Mediatek Bangalore Private Ltd. Having graduated from the prestigious Jadavpur University, Ritu recently completed 23 years in the semiconductor sector. From joining one of the biggest names in the industry (Texas Instruments) right out of college to having founded Immensa Semiconductors, which was acquired by MediaTek, and now donning the hat of Director, Advanced CPU and Foundation IP Technology, Ritu has done it all.

Liza Paul, Program Manager, Canadian Tire Corporation

Currently, the program manager at the Canadian Tire Corporation, Liza is an accomplished and astute manager with invaluable experience gained on domestic and international projects successfully shaping, executing and delivering complex mid-sized to large projects. A versatile leader, Liza believes that adaptable teamwork and disciplined motivation can lead to the delivery of massive results.

Rakhi Syaman, Enterprise Sales Manager, Tableau

A seasoned sales manager, Rakhi is an Enterprise Sales Manager at Tableau Software, Gurgaon. Having pursued her MBA in General Management from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISC) Bangalore, Rakhi has previously worked with tech giants such as Oracle, SAP, LinkedIn, IBM and Lunexa.