Webinars and Coaching Circles

Ingredients For Women To Navigate Career Success And Beyond

Presenter: Dr. Dense Haskins

This webinar helps you delve into your unique keys to success that unlock your career and shows you how to navigate to the next level wherever you are currently. This customized "Recipe for Success" focuses on the primary elements for women to make a difference in workplace and universities. This session is designed to help inspire, motivate, and empower you to learn how to succeed on a path that leads to your ultimate accomplishments in your arena.

Join Dr. Denise Haskins as she shares some of the most important ingredients needed for your present and future triumphs. You will learn:

- The new strategies for women
- How to connect to your "best role model" fit
- The way to plan your career to arrive at your best landing zone

Dr. Denise Haskins is an award-winning engineer, speaker, author, coach and creator of the SWIFT-U coaching program designed to help ambitious women navigate a successful engineering career. With more than 25 years of experience in the systems engineering field, Denise has been entrusted with large scale projects around the globe, including top assignments within the Federal Government. While navigating her own career in a male-dominated field, Denise realized talented women in engineering would often become disheartened at the lack of support and end up leaving, particularly women of color. Today, Denise is on a mission to establish a new norm. She created the Smart Women In Future Technology (SWIFT-U) coaching program as part of a greater goal to help guide ambitious women in STEM navigate their educational and career paths with ease. From growing up in an era of segregation to overcoming a surgery that left her temporarily incapacitated, to later being discouraged to pursue engineering due to her skin color and gender, Denise continues to inspire people through her unwavering faith and determination to succeed -- no matter the circumstances.