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WITI Real Talks - Fertility Planning -- For the Modern Woman

Shatter Glass Ceilings and Expectations - Giving real women the tools to be the CEOs of their businesses and their Fertility.

As shocking as it may sound - Fertility Care does not exist in our current healthcare system. The health of women in the workforce is left to chance - with hopes that once you shatter the proverbial glass ceiling, your body should be able to conceive. But enough is enough. Women deserve the knowledge to make an informed decision that does not jeopardize their careers or timelines. Through comprehensive testing and root cause care, Fertility Optimization empowers women, in every stage, to move forward with facts - not fear.

Moderator: Denise Pines, Founder, WisePause Wellness & Board of Directors, Federation of State Medical Board

Dr. Raquel Hammonds, NMD, MPH. Founder, CEO of The Fertility Advantage// Creator of Thryve Global: The World's First fertility consulting firm for women in the entertainment and corporate sphere.