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Growing our Workforce

Everchanging is a key word for the technology, but up until recently, that hasn't necessarily applied to diversity in the workforce. As the need for more people with the appropriate skill sets has increased, it is more important than ever that we welcome new individuals into the job market with open arms. This talk is meant to encourage women interested in entering IT and specifically IT security, to join us. We will discuss why an IT career might be a good fit, how to engage and how to find your entry into the space. Those looking for mentees are encouraged to attend as well!

Kristen Bell is the Senior Manager of Application Security Engineering for GuidePoint Security. She has been in the Application Security industry for over 16 years, with prior experience as a developer. Before joining GuidePoint, she consulted for numerous companies performing application security services. Kristen's background includes work in the government sector, building application security programs, and providing guidance in secure application design.

Kristen's experience also includes conducting application security assessments and database security reviews, secure SDLC consulting, as well as working with clients to improve their enterprise vulnerability management. Her ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical people, coupled with her strong interpersonal skills, has made Kristen a strong champion for application security frameworks and controls for her customers.