Thriving in Tech - Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Job

The WITI Thriving in Tech series is designed specifically to:

- Provide an overview of technology in an easy-to-understand language
- Provide use cases of technology
- Highlight career potential, skills and certifications required for success

Our first session will be on Cybersecurity. With cyber threats and data breaches increasing, Cybersecurity has become everyone's problem. In this session on Cybersecurity, we will discuss the knowledge of security you must acquire to keep your teams, products and company secure regardless of your role in your company.


Niharika Srivastav is the Senior Vice President of Executive Programs & Sales Enablement at WITI (Women In Technology International). She is passionate about simplifying Cybersecurity and has authored the book "Cybersecurity for Project Managers".

Niharika has 25+ years of experience in engineering, projects and portfolio delivery, customer success, marketing, and sales. She is associated with various non-profit organizations across the globe that work towards the education of underprivileged children.


Cynthia Moore, Information Security Executive. Cynthia Moore is the Senior Director of Information Security at Coupa Software, but she started out in infrastructure operations building telecoms systems. Diverse roles such as managing a hotel, assisting surgeons in Iraq, and apprenticing as a painter in Italy provide a unique, colorful, perspective to tech and security. Coming from a non-traditional security background has given Cynthia a true leverage and the versatility not only to better empathize with clients' needs but also to speak their language.

Janet Tsai is an IT ambassador with more than 20+ years in the Aerospace Defense Industry. She supported many IT functions from Database Administration, Asset Tracking, PC support, and Refresh, Help Desk, Mobile Support, Process and Planning administration, Staffing, Training, Metrics, and to managing IT Projects. Currently, she is an internal IT Auditor and serves as an Information System Security Officer ensuring computer systems compliance, and raises awareness for Cybersecurity to encourage safer online habits. A graduate with honors, Janet holds a BS in Sociology from UC Irvine and is certified in A+, PMP, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Security+, and ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor. Janet is a WITI leader for six years advocating and supporting for women in tech.