WITI Member Update and Zoom Networking - Guests Welcome

Join WITI for our weekly Membership Orientation, Update and Networking session. We discuss what our mission is at WITI and what benefits you receive as a member, such as networking opportunities, discounts, and personal branding. Learn about events, resources, and more. Share your voice with WITI, and join us today!

WITI provides a great venue in our community for networking and valuable content to improve the visibility of the content that people aren't directly engaged within their daily technology roles. - WITI Member

We are WITI members because we can create connections with IT companies who are interested in advancing women in the technology field. - Girl Scouts of West Central Florida

As a technology professional, that happens to be a woman, I can say that joining the WITI Association has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. - Maureen Inez Jone