My WITI Journey

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Presenter: Melissa Perkins

In 2018 a homeschool mom who happened to be a solo parent approached a 20 year teaching veteran who stepped out on faith to launch her own private education venture. Starting with one learner collaborating with a Conscious Educator virtually, they grew to 10 learners in a free beta test. That small focus group became, 200 learners in less than a year. Blue Star Virtual Learning was born.

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, this global powerhouse is emerging as a pioneer in virtual learning and education collaboration. Founded by Melissa Perkins, the company has virtual offices in the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, The UK, Ghana, and Nigeria.

A Global Master Educator, who's observed and worked in schools including Africa, South America, and Asia, Melissa harnessed her years of education and corporate experience to leverage technology to create a collaborative grid of education specialist, service providers, curriculum houses, and families to revolutionize the way we educate on this planet.

Today, Blue Star Virtual Learning is seen as a leader in the EdTech space and in addition to helping families create their own learning ecosystem, now assists other education companies with setting up their administrative offices so they can be of grand service in their communities.