Virtual Events

Job Search Strategies

Presenter: David Leighton, co-founder and president of WITI

Welcome to the WITI Job Search Strategy Coaching Circle with David Leighton!

Feeling overwhelmed by the job search process? Tired of sending your resume into a black hole with no results? Join our exclusive coaching circle to get proven strategies for standing out and landing interviews. 

Led by career expert David Leighton, we'll empower you to:

- Create a stellar LinkedIn profile that gets noticed

- Leverage the extensive WITI network to uncover hidden opportunities 

- Craft targeted outreach campaigns to connect with the right people

- Learn networking skills that open doors at your dream companies

- Gain confidence to navigate the job market strategically 

Every Friday at 11:00 AM PT, join David and other motivated WITI members for game-changing sessions to take your search to the next level. Ditch the one-size-fits-all approaches and get tailored advice for your goals.

Be more than just another applicant. Let us guide you on the proven path to your ideal job.

Reserve your spot in the WITI Job Search Strategy Coaching Circle today!