Virtual Events

Unlocking Hidden Paths: A Premium Strategic Job Search Program

Presenter: David Leighton, Co-Founder and CEO of WITI

This course, led by David Leighton with over 30 years of executive search expertise, offers a transformative approach to job hunting. Participants will learn to leverage the WITI Network and LinkedIn, discover unadvertised roles in growth-focused companies, and align their career aspirations with thriving organizations. This journey will redefine traditional job searching, emphasizing personalized strategies, network leveraging, and alignment with future-focused companies.

Course consists of sessions every Monday and Wednesday at 4:00 PM PT for 5 weeks 

David Leighton is co-founder and current president of WITI. During his presidency, he has turned WITI into a global enterprise. He is a creative, highly-motivated relationship-builder, and has a strong network that covers multiple industries. He is the chairman of Risk Analysis Group, co-founder of Criterion Research, co-founder of Webolution, and previous executive team-builder at Borland International.