Virtual Events

Coffee Table - Every Weekday

Similar to a communal table at a coffee shop, the virtual Coffee Table is where individuals come together each weekday morning and share their lives. Join Robert Hamburger, WITI and Odyssey members Monday through Friday at 600 AM Pacific Time. The Table invites intelligent discourse, insightful conversation and thought-provoking discussions. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking a sounding board, a retiree reminiscing about life's adventures, or someone in need of a sympathetic ear, the Table welcomes all. It’s a place where ideas are exchanged and stories are shared. Each day the conversation becomes a sum of its parts - the musings of the people in attendance - and topics range from current events, to personal triumphs, to business challenges, to life's profound questions.

Host:  Robert Hamburger has lived off the beaten path and in the wilderness for 25 years, immersing himself in nature and coming to learn and appreciate a different way of life away from modern society. Living simply and close to the land provides him a rare perspective that he blends with over four decades of experience as a successful spec home builder and an Investment Advisor. Having thrived in both the business world and the rugged outdoors. Hamburger brings a truly unique combination of life philosophies and practical knowledge to both his life and his clients.