The Women Effect

Intelligence - Innovation - Impact

Most women feel unheard and undervalued in their workplace. Do you?

Do you want to:

  • Be a more effective sought-after Leader?
  • Influence others to be your Advocate and Sponsor?
  • Effectively navigate and deal with the people who you want to influence?
  • Work effectively with difficult people so they become your allies not your enemies?
  • Increase your brand equity!
  • Most importantly, Influence your Company to see advancing women as a smart, profitable business initiative?

If you answered YES to any of these, then the WWM WE Workshop is for you.

The training explains why and teaches best practices in leveraging the unique power that women leaders possess. WE is designed to bring women both career satisfaction and more opportunities as they power their enterprises with new competitive advantages.

Multiple studies confirm that women leaders are instrumental in leading companies to greater profits and now we know why. It’s called the Women Effect. It arises from a distinct gender strength called CORE intelligence combined with female thinking versatility. Now is the time to learn these skills and master the new tools that will change your work life and your future.

Why Will Marré, WITI and Women

Will Marré and WITI know how to enable women’s unique abilities to transform businesses and drive high-value innovation. Will Marré and WITI are on a mission to increase women’s influence, strategic contribution and leadership power. They are partnering to share their research, training and tools to bring women more career satisfaction as they power their enterprises with new competitive advantages.

Testimonials from the Qualcomm WE Workshop

"In the 20 years of working for this company, it is one of very few times I have experienced sincere belief and support (from management). I was selected for this course for a reason (and I took that seriously), and in return, I am re-inspired to work even harder (for myself, for my team, for Qualcomm)."
"...I have been referring and sharing the information every day since the workshop."
"I had been struggling to have a coaching conversation with a colleague, and was able to use the Coaching Performance tool that was shared almost immediately and was able to have a calm and successful conversation."
"...It made me feel that the company invested in me over those 2 days, which is a great feeling and makes me more positive about Qualcomm. And I already shared some tips with co-workers..."
" was extremely helpful. How to project confidence, how to change your image internally and externally, to stop being invisible; how to speak in meetings to be heard."
"This workshop was a confidence boost for me personally and renewed hope that we are/will be looked at as equally valuable assets as our male peers."
"...both professional and personal take aways that I will put into action."
"My renewed professional goals will no doubt increase my value and the value I bring to the company."
"I found some answers I was looking for years."
"Very engaging and totally on point with providing an eyes wide open view of what women experience in the workplace."
"Great pace, breakup of information, thought provoking points made."
"This was an awesome workshop and would like to see this come back for both men and women."
"Training had very good material that will help all Qualcomm employees and not just women."