JJ DiGeronimo

Author, The Working Woman's GPS

Navigating Success through Practical Strategy

JJ is recognized for her success as an entrepreneur, technology executive, author, wife and mother. In February of 2006, Entrepreneur Magazine featured her first company as a resource for small businesses. In 2007, she received an award for innovation from Small Business Network.

In 2008, she launched Tech Savvy Women that led to the creation in 2010 of Women of Purpose at VMware , where she serves as a global cloud solutions director. Over 350 Tech Savvy Women from various industries continue coming together to expand their technical knowledge and build relationships.

JJ, a successful speaker and presenter, launched her first book, The Working Woman's GPS, in 2011 with the Purposeful Woman blog (www.purposefulwoman.com). She created the site as a place for working women to engage in conversation and learn how to make their lives more fulfilling and balanced.

In search for balance, JJ makes sure her life is filled with plenty of special times with her husband and two young children.