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Past Conferences | Dallas | 2000 | Presentations

2000 Southwest Technology Summit Presentations

The following speaker presentations from WITI's 2000 Southwest Technology Summit are Adobe Acrobat documents:

e-Commerce Site Development I
Presented by Debi VanFlymen, Director of e-Solutions, eviciti
This 3-session track will address the construction of a successful e-commerce site and offer tips on determining which path will result in the most cost-effective, productive, and profitable solution for your needs. The first session will provide an overview of e-Commerce technologies and strategies related to site development.

Technologies and Techniques for Launching a Successful IT Project
Presented by Debi VanFlymen, Director, e-Solutions, eviciti
Lisa-Ann Barnes, President, IreeTec
You've lined up your vendors and products, planned a timeframe, hired outsourcers, and leaped into the project. However, without the buy-in of your business staff and end-users and the proper integration between technology and management, your project is doomed. This session will help you determine the proper mix of software, hardware, hand-holding, and strategy to succeed in your next project, be it the Web, CRM, or ERP.

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