October 23rd and 24th • Online


Join our 30th Annual WITI Summit, Prompt’24, where we unravel technological mystery with cutting-edge discussions and visionary perspectives.


Workforce Innovation, Trust and Influence

WITI is a global leader in workforce transformation, pioneering inclusive and innovative practices that empower professionals across industries. We are setting the standard for the future of work, driving change and shaping careers with our cutting-edge strategies and commitment to excellence.

Since 1989, WITI has set the standard for championing Professional Women through Technology; we understand what it takes to elevate for success.

Now, WITI is transforming the DEI conversation; we are fostering environments where diverse voices are not only heard but are instrumental in shaping the future. Embracing our core values—Workforce Innovation, Trust, and Influence—we integrate these principles into every facet of our operations, ensuring we lead with vision and integrity.

For Individuals

EmpoweredBy™ WITI is your gateway to personal and professional growth. We provide cutting-edge training, leadership development, and networking opportunities to help you excel in your career. Join our supportive community to innovate, build trust, and influence the future, all while achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.

For Companies

PoweredBy™ WITI, where we transform your workforce into a powerhouse of innovation, trust, and influence. Our comprehensive programs empower your teams, cultivate strong leadership, and foster a culture of continuous growth and collaboration. Partner with us to invest in the future of your organization and create a workplace that elevates your business to new heights.

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