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For Individuals

Grow as an individual and in your career path leveraging community, leaders and learnings

Discover opportunities, events, mentorship and networking communities. Build meaningful relationships: connect with people like you, and industry leaders in technology, finance, education and more. Workshop, collaborate, practice soft skills and expression in like-minded spaces.

Speakers and experts come from places like Salesforce, Intel, AWS, CVS Health, Citi; topics include insights into current tech, research on climate, job search strategies, and so much more.

Membership includes:

  • Events and online talks with emphasis in technology by leaders and experts you engage with
  • Join coaching circles, fireside chats, stillness sessions and wellness check-ins
  • Unlimited access to professional on-demand content
  • Career development resources and certifications
  • And more

For Corporate Partners

We take care of your employer <> employee relationship

Supporting employees affects the bottom line — our value is handling and providing support for your employees for you.

We take your employees on an experiential journey, where the outcome is personal and professional growth, a deeper understanding of business needs as a company and growth as an individual in a tech-driven world.

Leverage our community as a service comprised of global professionals, specialists, managers and executives to foster your employee relationship.

WITI corporate partnership includes:

  • Programs to power resource groups
  • Access to our growing professional community
  • Custom solutions to fit your company
  • Corporate storytelling and lead generation
  • Results-driven metrics and data-centric capabilities
  • Total talent solutions
  • And more

Sponsors include:

Join us for the 29th Annual WITI Summit: Workforce Innovation, Trust and Influence - October 26, 2023

Join us as we bring together visionaries, thought leaders, and experts from across the globe to delve into the cutting-edge topics that are shaping the future of work. From innovative strategies driving workforce transformation to fostering trust in a digitally connected world and wielding influence that brings positive change, this summit is a convergence of ideas that will redefine industry paradigms. Learn more

Summit speakers in technology, leadership, diversity and more:

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Online Events

WITI's ecosystem includes more than three million professionals, 60 networks and 300 partners, worldwide. We offer a variety of virtual events, including regional network events, wellbeing courses, webinars and coaching circles.

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Join free live-streaming sessions and watch past sessions

Join our streaming sessions on YouTube where you can watch live sessions happening, interact with sessions by chat, like/subscribe, and browse past sessions. @PoweredByWITI/streams

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