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Welcome to WITI. the place to be, to grow beyond the glass ceiling. Founded in the United States in 1989 by educator and pioneer Carolyn Leighton, starting with local gatherings that outgrew expectations, our impact is now global.

WITI today is a diverse community of 160,000 professionals and where tech brands and companies come to discover step by step how to harness human talent and potential smarter and faster in coachable and actionable measurable ways that make a bigger difference.

Women in Technology Hall of Fame Alumni Include:

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The Positive Impact Of A Diverse Workforce on the Bottom Line

Discover proven strategies on how to strategically harness the talents of a diverse workforce to unlock more of your growth potential.

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Reach the next level in your career. Find the right WITI opportunities, education and events. Discover mentors, certifications, talent matching and career advancement paths within our Coaching Circles and community of advocates. Earn professional development units or continuing education units. Network and get the support you deserve for a satisfying career.

Grow As a Tech Organization

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Benefit from our in-depth, updated and accurate Glass Ceiling Report research and analytics in partnership with the US government on how to harness a diverse workforce smarter and faster to grow your bottomline. Connect with our community of 160,000 women in tech to hire better talent, sponsor WITI events and cultivate relationships with authentic storytelling.