Amplifying the Voice of Priyanka Bonam: Shaping the Future of Technology at MetLife

WITI News Staff

February 13, 2024

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In an ever-evolving digital landscape, MetLife's commitment to innovation and responsible AI practices is embodied in the significant work of Priyanka Bonam, a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer within the Global Technology organization. With a passion for technology and a drive to make a difference, Priyanka shares her journey, challenges, and the pride she takes in her projects, offering a glimpse into the life of a female technologist at the forefront of digital transformation.

Q: Can you describe your role and day-to-day activities at MetLife?

A: At MetLife, my role spans the full spectrum of software development, from design and building to testing and maintaining applications. I engage in both front-end and back-end development, ensuring we deliver secure, high-quality code. Following the SAFE ADM principles and agile methodologies, my daily activities include participating in scrums, sprint planning, and demos, and fostering a collaborative and efficient environment.

Q: What projects have you worked on that you are particularly proud of?

A: One project that I worked on that I’m particularly proud of is our Guided Claim Experience application. The application itself leverages new infrastructure and modern technologies to simplify the steps a claimant takes to file for disability coverage. Ultimately, our goal was to make filing a claim as easy and intuitive as possible. I was involved with the design and development of the application, which resulted in a successful on-time delivery and positive customer feedback. This is just one of many examples of where I, as a developer, not only feel proud of the work that I do, but also see direct alignment to our company's purpose of building a more confident future for our customers.

Q: What surprised you about MetLife when you joined?

A: Coming into the insurance sector, I was pleasantly surprised by how MetLife embraces the latest technologies. Contrary to my expectations, the company is cloud-ready and continually modernizing its tech stack, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to digital innovation.

Last year was the first time I participated in MetLife’s annual hackathon, designed to encourage employees from all departments to put their innovation hats on. I was on a team with six other technologists, where we created a prototype for electronic health records. The experience showcased our innovative capabilities and really drove a collaborative spirit. I enjoyed seeing creative and innovative solutions presented by colleagues all across the world. Participating in the hackathon exceeded my expectations and continues to be an example of what fuels my excitement for what’s to come at MetLife from an innovation perspective.

Q: How do you contribute to shaping MetLife's future?

A: I play a significant role in developing features that enhance our customers' experiences, particularly in the domain of disability or absence claims. In collaboration with our UX team, product owners and business analysts, we work together to develop straightforward solutions, which aim to provide customers with exactly what they need before they even realize it.

Q: What inspired you to join MetLife, and what keeps you here?

A: Initially drawn to MetLife's innovative work culture and technology I used as a consultant, I found the company's diverse team, community outreach, and work-life balance to be key factors that not only inspired me to join but also motivated me to stay. The recognition and support from management further encourages me to excel in my role. I’m also appreciative of working on a team where I am given the freedom to experiment to come up with innovative ideas. After all, developers are creatives and we need time to explore, tinker, and try new things!

Q: Can you talk about the support and resources available for women at MetLife?

A: MetLife offers several forums for women. Internally, we have groups such as Women in Tech and the MetLife Women’s Business Network, both of which offer networking along with personal and professional growth experiences to bring women together. We also have Lean In circles, providing opportunities for women globally to connect on relatable topics. Personally, I have found much value from our mentorship program, which has helped enhance my skills and understanding of effective communication in the workplace. MetLife also has an annual conference that focuses on examining ongoing barriers for women in STEM related fields called Triangle Tech X, which is virtual and completely free for anyone to tune into!

Aligning Work with Purpose

Priyanka's work at MetLife transcends technical achievements, touching on the core of what it means to provide value and support to customers in their times of need. Her efforts exemplify how technology can be leveraged to not only innovate but also to create tangible, positive impacts on the lives of customers and clients. Through her dedication and the collaborative culture at MetLife, Priyanka Bonam is not just developing software; she's helping to forge a path toward a more inclusive and empathetic digital future.

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