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Friday, March 3
Session I | Session II | Session III
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Sessions and Speakers

Thursday, March 2
Session I
9:30 -10:45 a.m.

Business Development Track

How to Create a Successful Media Strategy
Far East Room
In the new world order, putting together a strategic media plan for your company can be both a huge opportunity as well as a huge challenge. In this session, you'll hear how communications experts create a strategic media and communications plan using the latest online and offline technology. They'll discuss the importance of branding via traditional methods and via the Internet. The panel will also discuss how technology has changed the way communicators tell their story, the mediums they use, how to better target audiences, create newsworthy pitches, and create a bigger impact in the media. Join us to learn the tips and tricks of the trade.
Kim Padgett, Director of Marketing, EnterpriseWorks (moderator)
Jodi Venturoni, Managing Director, BSMG Worldwide
Marny Lochhead, Partner, The Thompson Group
Intellectual Property: Protecting your Technology
State Room
The need to protect intellectual property has arisen in order to encourage innovation, development, and dissemination of technical innovations to the public. Learn how to protect your intellectual property through patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and how this can benefit your career. We'll also discuss how intellectual property can be leveraged in order to be able to respond to threats of infringement.
Mary An Merchant, Attorney, Jones and Askew LLP
Loleta Darden, Attorney and Marketing Consultant, Darden & Associates

Entrepreneurial Track

Gaining Access to Capital for your Startup
Executive Room
How much capital is necessary to finance your business and where can you get it? Learn how to gain investor interest, what investors consider in deciding to invest, what turns investors off and the pros and cons of different types of investments. Join us for this information-packed session.
Charlie Miller, Partner, Patton Boggs LLP
Daniel T. Owen, General Partner, HO2 Internet Investments
Professional Development Track

Personal Stories of Successful Women
Gold Room
This is always one of our most popular sessions. Inspiring, motivational and awesome is how some have described it. If you�re interested in the engaging stories of dynamic women who have experienced extraordinary success, then this is a session you won�t want to miss.
Dot Rhyne, Vice President, Belo Media Solutions (moderator)
Shaunna Sowell, Vice President and Manager, WW Facilities, Texas Instruments
Dixie Garr, Vice President, Customer Success Engineering, Cisco Systems
Gerri Sinclair, President and CEO, Ncompass Labs


Executive Women�s Roundtable: Closing the Deal
Parisian Room
The art of negotiation and closing a deal are critical to the success of executive women - whether it's closing a deal with a customer or closing a deal on your own career opportunities. To work your way up the corporate ladder you must master this art and not be intimidated by high stakes or gender issues. This panel of savvy negotiators will discuss the strategies and techniques that have proved most successful in closing major deals and the top-notch negotiations skills they have employed in their careers.
Sarah Derocher, Director of Strategic Sales, pcOrder (moderator)
Susan Larson, Vice President, Strategic Staffing, Dell Computer Corporation
Anu Shukla, CEO, Rubric
Susan Sentell, President, Marketing and Operations, Sprint Business

Session II
11a.m -12:15 p.m.

Business Development Track

Creating a Dynamic Corporate Culture
Far East Room
Is the culture of your organization an asset or a liability? Whether you are the founder of a start-up or a manager in a large organization, you can impact your company�s culture. If you want to learn how to create and manage a culture that will help you get more done, recruit more easily, tap into differences, have more effective communication, and develop a better public image, you should attend this session. You'll learn things you can personally do to shape your organization's culture.
Linda Ford, Ph.D., President, Optima Consulting (moderator)
Gay Gaddis, President and Founder, T3
Helen Turnbull, President, Human Facets
Ingrid Vanderveldt, President and Founder, Dryken Technologies

Entrepreneurial Track

Legal Considerations for your Venture
Executive Room
Learn many of the legal considerations you will face when starting a business and the best ways to tackle them. You'll learn what type of entity is best for liability and tax purposes, how to protect your ideas, company name and logo, and various issues particular to a high tech or Internet startup. If you are considering starting a business or have just begun working for a start-up, this seminar is a must!
Terry Traveland, Attorney, Patton Boggs LLP
Charlie Miller, Partner, Patton Boggs LLP

Professional Development Track

Winning at Negotiation: Creating Win-Win Situations
State Room Win-win negotiating means negotiating from a base of integrity, values and cooperation rather than from power, positioning, and competition. Topics covered will include: why the win-lose paradigm doesn't work, why win-win negotiating is more effective and knowledge and skills necessary to negotiate an effective win-win agreement.
Mellie Price, VP, Business Solutions, Human Code (moderator)
Jennifer Ivan, Dell Attorney, Dell Computer Corporation
Lisa Calloway, Software Field Specialist, Central Region, Texas Instruments

Corporate Pipeline: Navigating your Way to the Top
Gold Room
In striving to assume increased levels of responsibility, women are conquering personal fears and cultural stereotypes on their way up the corporate ladder. We will focus on the challenges faced by successful women, strategies they used to overcome obstacles and the skills that served them well along the way. We will also discuss the current environment for women in corporate America.

Nicole Toney, Director, Human Resources, Trans-Act E-Commerce Corporation (moderator)
Rhonda St. John, Director, Rt. 1 Solutions
Colette Coad, Partner, Ernst & Young

Technology Track
Sponsored by InfoWorld

Technologies and Techniques for Launching a Successful IT Project
Continental Room
You've lined up your vendors and products, planned a timeframe, hired outsourcers, and leaped into the project. However, without the buy-in of your business staff and end-users and the proper integration between technology and management, your project is doomed. This session will help you determine the proper mix of software, hardware, hand-holding, and strategy to succeed in your next project, be it the Web, CRM, or ERP.
Debi VanFlymen, Director, e-Solutions, eviciti
Lisa-Ann Barnes, President, IreeTec

New Devices, New Messaging Options
Oak Room Pagers that send and receive e-mail. A new generation of personal digital assistants (PDAs). Cell phones that read your e-mail to you. Keeping in touch has never been more complex. In this session, you will learn about the newest messaging devices and technologies plus others on the near horizon. Speakers will also discuss server- and Web based strategies for managing messaging across multiple devices.

Margaret Donnelly, Senior Manager, Wireless Strategic Development, CommTouch

Women of Color Roundtable
Parisian Room
Barriers to succeeding in the technology industry and strategies for overcoming cultural stereotypes and personal fears will be discussed. Real world experiences affecting women of color in technology will be addressed in this interactive roundtable of successful women of color.
Birdie M. Sadberry, Senior Telecommunications Analyst, Union Pacific Resources Company (moderator)
Rose M. Short, Certified I/T Architect, IBM
Yvonne Cager, Americas DSP Design-in Manager, Texas Instruments Priscilla Meadows, Director - Training and Communications, GTE
Session III
2:15 - 3:45 p.m.

Business Development Track

Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Great Talent
Parisian Room
The industry's ability to remain competitive, continue expanding and meet customer technology objectives is increasingly threatened by labor shortages. Companies are increasingly challenged to compete for talent and financial compensation is no longer the primary consideration for job hunters. This panel will discuss the issue and will explore innovative strategies for recruiting new talent and retaining quality employees.
Jennifer Jackson, President/Executive Recruiter, Jackson Resources (moderator)
Carol Thompson, President, The Thompson Group
Susan Larson, Vice President, Strategic Staffing, Dell Computer Corporation
Pamela Ferrell, Staffing Manager, MSP Division, Texas Instruments
Building Brand Loyalty
Continental Room This session will address the basic fundamentals and principles of brand strategy, why the explosion in Web use has changed the way companies must execute their brand, how pure-play dot-coms can create brand brilliance and why PR is an essential tool toward making your company a household name. Join us for a lively discussion on one of the hottest topics in the industry.
Jennifer Bartowski, Marketing Relations Director, CharityGift (moderator)
Barbara Hines, President, BH Hines Group
Loleta Darden, Attorney and Marketing Consultant, Darden & Associates
Entrepreneurial Track

Writing a Winning Business Plan
Oak Room
What are the elements of a winning business plan? How can you write a compelling story that results in venture capital? A well-executed plan will provide credibility, will allow your investors to understand your vision and will help you raise the capital necessary to launch your venture. This session will cover the critical elements of a winning business plan - if you dream of becoming an entrepreneur or are currently working on a business plan, don�t miss this session!
Carol Denton, Director of Business Development, Arthur Andersen
Professional Development Track

Leadership Skills for Technical Professionals
Gold Room
Are you a techie interested in moving your way up the corporate ladder? Have you recently been promoted to a management position after years of being a technologist? Often outstanding technical personnel get promoted to positions of responsibility without being provided with the skills necessary be effective leaders. We will discuss the skill sets that a technical professional needs to be successful and effective in today�s rapidly changing and diverse workplace.
Kara Kapczynski, CTO, Gen3Partners (moderator)
Duy-Loan Le, Program Manager and TI Fellow, Texas Instruments
Janet Dang, Applications Business Unit Manager, Brio Technology
Communicating with Confidence and Impact
Far East Room
Would you rather be in the box instead of delivering the eulogy? Public speaking is touted to be a "fate worse than death." Bury the myth, have some fun and leave with pointers and example that will move your audiences to action.
Sally Bartz, Instructor, Dale Carnegie Training
Technology Track
Sponsored by InfoWorld

Data Warehousing
State Room
If the mission-critical applications that process your organization's daily workflow are terribly inadequate for decision support, look into implementing a data warehouse. Though setting up a data warehouse may seem daunting, doing without one could be worse. In this session, we'll discuss how today's data warehouse and data mart technology can help you realize the competitive advantage of quicker, smarter decision-making. Our speakers will look at some of the products and tools that will put the power of data analysis in the hands of those who need it most.
Jill Dyche, Partner, Baseline Consulting
Katherine Glassey, Chief Technical Officer, Brio Technology
Cutting Edge Security
Executive Room
Corporate data has never been more at risk. In this session, we will talk about the sources of the risk, both inside and outside of organizations, and detail the newest technologies being deployed to counter the would-be invaders. You'll learn about the real-world use of cutting-edge technologies such as biometrics. Speakers will also discuss the ongoing debate over encryption that is taking place at the highest levels of governments.
Debbie Christofferson, Information Security Technology Manager, Intel Corporation

Friday, March 3