Code of Ethics

No One Stands Alone

WITI strives to create genuinely welcoming environments where each person is treated with equal support and respect, regardless of title, age, gender, or ethnic background. WITI's policy at every WITI event is that no person stands alone; i.e., it is each person's responsibility to welcome a solitary individual into the group; no cliques are tolerated at WITI events.

Non-Discrimination Policy

WITI - Women In Technology International does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

Collaboration Instead Of Competition

WITI is about collaboration, not competition. In competition, someone wins and someone loses. At WITI, we collaborate to help each other win.

Integrity Central

At WITI, integrity is central to all of our actions and interactions. We respect, acknowledge, and protect each other's ideas, intellectual property, and confidential information.

Acknowledgement And Recognition

WITI members are committed to:


Women become fully empowered when we make a conscious decision to accept full responsibility for our decisions and our actions. At WITI meetings we utilize our time, intelligence, and talent to support each other in identifying options, finding solutions, and taking action.

Confidentiality And Trust

WITI members often work in challenging environments where they cannot speak freely without risk of losing their job. Every WITI woman must honor each other's confidentiality so that we continue to be a safe haven for sharing challenges and solutions.

Honoring Past Generations with a Commitment To Future Generations Of Women

WITI members are committed to honoring the women who came before us who contributed to our present and consciously work towards creating a better legacy for the next generation of women.

Listening For Value

WITI members are receptive to change. We know that no one person has all the answers. Even when there is a success, the WITI Woman knows that there are many situational approaches, and many challenges ahead. WITI members appreciate others' ideas, problems, and solutions without judgment.

Taking Responsibility

WITI members constantly strive to improve and contribute to each other's relationships. Rather than blaming others, we understand that each of us is responsible for making WITI better and utilizing our networks to expand and build our relationships.

Risk Taking

WITI Members understand that we are plowing new ground; to make things better risks must be taken. WITI members are willing to take risks to improve and positively contribute to our global society.

Using Technology

WITI members are committed to responsibly using our knowledge of technology to make a positive contribution to our global society.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are grateful for and embrace each other's uniqueness because we know our differences will contribute to the highest version of ourselves, and our journey towards consciousness, expansiveness, self awareness and mindfulness.

Personal Commitment

WITI Members encourage and support every person in realizing their fullest potential. Commitment to Excellence; Commitment to respect each other.

Business Solicitation

WITI Women respect other people's space. While discussing possible solutions in a respectful way is acceptable, high pressure sales tactics is strictly forbidden.