121: Creating Irresistible APIs

Kirsten Hunter, API Evangelist, Akamai Technologies
June 5, 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm  •  Cascade Room

Web APIs (such as REST) are relatively simple to implement, which has led to many ill-conceived APIs out in the world. Creating APIs that make developers jump for joy is a goal we should all have, and this session outlines a process for API development which will result in a better considered product, much more likely to succeed. When creating a new REST platform, the planning process frequently gets skipped (or is misunderstood), resulting in an ill-conceived API.

In this session, API Evangelist Kirsten Hunter walks you through the steps needed to create an API that developers love - while pointing out the common traps to avoid. The session will cover creating user stories, deciding on metrics, planning the API, design decisions, documentation, and developer support. The focus will be on creating a developer experience that will delight and amaze your developer partners and increase engagement with your platform. Concentration will be on higher level choices rather than HTTP architecture, and is appropriate for developers, product managers, or anyone else with an interest in achieving success for their API program. The Open API Ecosystem is an amazing opportunity for companies to partner with developers, but you really only get one chance to impress, so come learn how to make your company's API an "A List" destination.