124: New Leadership Model for Rocketing Innovation, Productivity, and Engagement

Karen Cornwell, Senior Innovation Strategist, Gender Intelligence Group
June 5, 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm  •  Coachng Workshop - San Jose Room

Do your employees jump out of bed in the morning excited to come to work? Are your teams engaged and working with energetic collaboration? Innovation is critical to many organizations, but capturing it and really being able to harness its power is easier said than done. One of the keys to innovation is diversity. This interactive session will explain the keys to unlock the power of diversity by understanding the differences in gender, culture, and thought processes. Having this perspective will enable you both to reach people in a different way and to interpret their actions with a completely new understanding. These new insights will drive advances in productivity and engagement as people feel appreciated and valued for their contributions. Also included: insights on orchestrating organizational change to shift your culture toward this powerful model.