304 - Tech Tales, WITIstyle: IoT, Engineering Derring-Do, and Ghanaian Girls and Tech

Akhil Gupta, Vice President, Infrastructure, Dropbox
Aidan Madigan-Curtis, Head of New Product Introduction, Samsara Networks
Karen Wickre, Principal, KVOX Media
Rasheeda Yehuza, Founder & Sofware Engineer, Nasara Tech
June 7, 9:30 am - 10:30 am  •  Gateway Ballroom

Our WITIstyles take a cue from TED Talks: short, powerful pieces to inform, inspire, and motivate. In this showcase, we'll get insider insights on:

* The future of sensing: devices that sense their surroundings and communicate the processed results to humans or to other equipment.
* An epic engineering feat: Dropbox's "Magic Pocket" - how to move 500 million GB of data in the cloud into its own data centers - and on deadline.
* A software engineer's determination to foster computer science training for girls in Ghana has enabled organizations supporting women in STEM to pop up across Africa.