Heather Andrus

Managing Director/Product Innovation, Radius Innovation & Development, A Jabil Company
204: Want Extraordinary Results? Think Like a Designer!

Heather Andrus is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Product Innovation at Radius Product Development (a Jabil company). She has 25 years of experience developing successful consumer offerings, supported by a broad range of experience in design thinking, consumer research, product strategy, engineering and product development. Prior to joining Radius, Ms. Andrus worked at Altitude from 2001 until 2013. During that time, she held the positions of engineering manager, director of engineering, general manager, and chief innovation officer. She previously worked at 3Com, Ideo, and Oracle. Ms. Andrus received her Master's in mechanical engineering with a focus on product design from Stanford University, and her bachelor's degree in computer science with a minor in cognitive science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Outside of work, Ms. Andrus enjoys renovating houses, raising two fantastic children, and supporting local hospices.