353 - WITI WIN: IoT + Machine Learning Make Things Intelligent?

Sudha Jamthe, Author & CEO, IoT Disruptions
Julie Desjardins, Head of Research, Athos
Diane Ding, Founder, Ding Ventures
Deanna Shaw
Roxy Stimpson, CTO, IOT World Labs
Vanessa Xi, CEO, YONO Labs
June 13, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm  •  Cascade

Come find out how these two top trends of IoT and Machine Learning are coming together to make ordinary things all around us into intelligent things to create new conveniences and business opportunities. Internet of Things (IoT) makes everyday things smart by adding sensors and Internet connectivity. Machine Learning teaches computers to make decisions using a large amount of data. Think of: your clothing tracking your health; a smart helmet saving you from a concussion; an earplug tracking your basal temperature for fertility. These create a massive volume of sensor data. This data can train machine learning algorithms and predict health problems and save lives. Come find out about IoT, machine learning, and where the opportunity is for career women to benefit from such disruptive opportunities in their lives and careers.