Lizette De Arkos

CEO/Co-Founder, Alzar

As an innovative entrepreneur, Lizette De Arkos is dedicated to accelerating communities through the promotion of socially and environmentally-conscious businesses. Her dedication to the improvement of communities through third metric enterprises began when she created an ethical apparel and decor line, L D A Y, while attending the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her experience in the cannabis industry began when she developed the first consumer HempCrete kit and brought this innovative building material to the masses.

After working in local government for several years, Ms. De Arkos has rekindled her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the cannabis industry through her latest venture, Alzar. As CEO and Co-Founder of Alzar her commitment to social change, environmental stewardship, and public health is actualized, as they use cutting-edge technology to bring premium, veganic cannabis to the Californian market. Ms. De Arkos is also a Public Affairs Strategist at 421 Group, a boutique cannabis consulting firm; and the Program Leader of the 2018-19 San Francisco Cohort of the Startup Leadership Program.