Humanizing your Sales Process Part 1

Presenter: Marti Evans, WITI PowerSource Coaches

Whether 'sales' is your primary job description or simply a necessary skill you need to get things done internally or externally, this webinar will help you to understand what the 'X-Factor' is and how mastering it will lead to success. In this introductory session, learn at a high level how to connect with your clients on a human level and understand the elements of building trust, focused listening and curiosity. In this 'digital age', building trust has never been more important and yet, never harder. Attending this session will give you skills and approaches based on neuro-science research you can leverage today to up-your-game and improve-your-impact. This introductory course will also help you to determine if enrolling in the 4-session virtual coaching circle:  "Humanizing Your Sales Process"   is right for you. 

 *Space is limited!