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WITI Industry-Based Networks

WITI launched the WITI WINs programs to offer powerful collaboration platforms to give women an additional competitive edge in today's business world.

Spotlight and showcase the technology and business contributions Women are making in industry sectors through;

  • Partnering with Business and Technology conferences to help them expand their speaker, business and audience communities to include and attract more professional women.
  • Opening doors to an increased number of mainstream publication opportunities including podcast and video to continue expanding influential women thought leaders.
  • Provide industry focused networking events to identify role models, share industry specific practices, advice, career development tools and tips and develop partnerships with other women within that Industry.
  • Identify and or create compelling and relevant content designed specifically for the women in the Industry.

WITI is expanding our partnerships with companies, conferences, industry leaders, and women professionals in the following sectors to work collaboratively with WITI to promote and offer expanded opportunities for professional women in these sectors:

Upcoming Events