Tough Talk Coaching: Experiencing Conflict as an Opportunity

Learn how to handle conflict with ease! Based on over 20 years experience consulting with and managing people in conflict situations, Esther founded Tough Talk Coach to help people learn skills and gain confidence to deal with challenging situations and personalities and to have difficult conversations constructively. Her unique three-prong method of preparation, implementation and evaluation helps clients master communication skills, embrace conflict resolution concepts and implement strategies for preventing and resolving conflict situations that produces results that are truly transformative. She specializes in resolving specific conflict situations and interpersonal disputes and in small to medium-sized businesses and partnerships. Come hear her tips for learning how to effectively manage conflict or difficult conversations.

The variety of Esther's experience and education give her a depth of understanding, expertise and insight to helping individuals achieve lasting success through the mastery of skills and the gaining of confidence that truly last a lifetime -- priceless!

Featured Speaker(s)

Esther C. Bleuel, founder of Tough Talk Coach, provides expert consulting in how to experience conflict as an opportunity for growth and change. Esther holds Masters Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University and has taught for over ten years as an adjunct professor at Pepperdine in both the business and law schools.

She was a successful sales and marketing executive for over 15 years in the newspaper industry and has been in private practice as a psychotherapist for over 20 years, maintaining two offices in Westlake Village and Encino. In addition, she has consulted with companies, partnerships and churches, specializing in resolving disputes, mediation and business conflict. She has also held leadership positions for a number of non-profit and professional organizations.