Sports, Entertainment and Technology Symposium and Reception

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12:00 - 12:30pm Registration and Networking (Beverage Service with Light Snacks)
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Keynote 1

  • Jill Stelfox, Vice President & General Manager, Location Solutions, Zebra Technologies

How Player Tracking Is Changing Insights
In this informative keynote, Ms. Stelfox will illustrate how the innovative new technology known as player tracking enhances fans' viewing. Through television broadcasts, mobile engagement, and in-stadium, player tracking enables fans to view never-before-seen real-time player data and compelling new performance insights - including players' speeds, acceleration, distances gained, in-depth analytics, and considerably more. This has made for a more immersive viewing experience, increasing fan attentiveness, connectivity, and the understanding fans have of players, teams, and on-field strategy.

1:15 - 1:45pm

Keynote 2

Sports, Tech, Fashion, and Alphas: An Unlikely Woman’s Breakthrough to Success
From underprivileged youth to global industry leader, Claire Ortiz shares her journey in breaking into and succeeding in the highly competitive fashion, sports, and technology industries. 

The ability to maneuver through corporate politics, boys' clubs, girls' clubs, cultural/gender stereotypes, and business challenges requires continually shifting, reinventing, and transcending paradigms. Ms. Ortiz talks boardroom strategies, creative leadership, cultural and professional barriers, and forming alliances. Regardless of what business we're in or where we are in our careers, we must all remain agile, flexible, present, action-oriented, balanced, and progressive. Ms. Ortiz provides her perspective on the ability to access a situation from a 360 degree viewpoint: reacting accordingly ... adjusting quickly and ONLY when necessary ... and always searching for the opening that allows you to step forward. Strategic flexibility and foresight combined give us the ability to create a path to our end goal. 

Having built million-dollar businesses, from startups to Fortune 100s, and working with some of the world's most famous athletes and corporate leaders, Ms. Ortiz draws from decades of relentless work, starting from the back room and up to the boardroom.

1:45 - 2:00pm Break
2:00 - 2:45pm


Keynote Room

Come meet some of the senior members of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee and the San Francisco 49ers as they share highlights of the two-year experience of planning and implementing Super Bowl 50 - and how they redefined it. The team will share how they approached this milestone anniversary Super Bowl and the challenges, opportunities and obstacles overcome in hosting the single largest annual event in the world.

Wearables - Fashion? Fad? Future?

IoT Room

According to sources in the know, wearable technology is now a legitimate fashion statement. But it is merely a fad? Or have we got something here that could develop into a viable, profitable future? Where and what are the opportunities for women in this promising new industry?

Women Making a Difference in Sports/Entertainment Technologies

Control Tower Room

Years ago, ESPN declared that Women + Sports + Technology = Awesomeness. Proving that, this panel showcases women at the forefront of drone technology, sports coaching, and more. They'll share insights on how they chose their career path, obstacles they overcame, and advice for those seeking this direction.

2:45 - 3:00pm Break
3:00 - 3:45pm

The Wearable Tech Boom in Healthcare, Sports, and Sports Medicine

Keynote Room

Currently, wearables are used most often for consumer fitness-tracking purposes. But many industries see the opportunities for harnessing health data from employees and patients to help drive efficiencies and enhance healthcare services. There are several roadblocks to widespread adoption, including device accuracy/reliability, regulation, and privacy concerns. This panel of industry insiders shares insights on what's here and what's ahead.


IoT Room

Drones and sports: fabulous photography, unprecedented training possibilities, and multiple more plusses. On the down (and dangerous) side, however, are the hobbyists, DIY adventurists, and those ignorant of the rules who launch recreational drones into sports/entertainment arenas. Is geofencing a solution or a new set of problems? How about counter drones? Blocking signals? Trained assassin eagles?? Panelists share experiences and strong opinions.

The Immersive Experience: Enhancing Human Interaction

Control Tower Room

During Super Bowl 50, Levi's Stadium experienced a record-breaking day for posting, tweeting, streaming, and sharing over the free in-stadium WiFi: more than 10 terabytes of data were up/downloaded - equal to streaming 6,000+ hours of HD video. This panel imagines the future possibilities using interactive immersive technologies - to transform real world spaces, events, and activities, where people can learn, explore, and interact - not only in sports/ entertainment, but training, education, travel, and more. Adding big data analytics and social media technology to this mix will change how we experience the world.

3:45 - 4:00pm Break
4:00 - 4:30pm

Keynote 3

  • Juliana Paoli, Chief Marketing Officer & SVP/Communications, San Jose Giants
4:30 - 5:00pm

Keynote 4

  • Joanne Moretti, Senior Vice President/Marketing & Sales Enablement, Jabil

Top 10 Leadership Tips for Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling
What are some of the keys to success for women leaders in traditionally male-dominated industries? This keynote identifies 10 of them. Joanne Moretti - a leading force in the development of Jabil's innovative Blue Sky Center - shares her experiences and lessons learned in a progressively successful career. Powerful tips range from the dangers of waffling ... to moving out of your comfort zone ... to overcoming fear ... to the one language you MUST learn to eliminate the gender gap ... and more. Shared against the backdrop of Jabil's amazing Blue Sky Center, Ms. Moretti shares powerful anecdotes about how the center was built and continues to evolve in the context of some of her most compelling tips! It's a can't miss!

5:00 - 7:00pm Taste of Technology Reception, Product Demos