Webinars and Coaching Circles

Create and Give Better Presentations

Presenter: Martha Weeks

How effective are the presentations that you develop and deliver? Are you confident that audiences understand your messages and are compelled to action? Do people remember your point a day, a week or a year later? How well do you connect with audiences, both with what you say and how you say it?

In this webinar, you will lean the steps to build an effective presentation, starting from conceiving an idea to effectively conveying that idea to an audience. You will see how small changes can make a big difference in how well your presentations are received - changes like a more exciting opening, a preview of your message, and a strong call to action. You will receive tips for creating slides that support, rather than detract from, your presentation.

This webinar will give you tools to improve the power of your presentations.

Martha Weeks is a business communication expert who helps people present their ideas more effectively. Her beliefs include:

- Public speaking is part art and part science. People can work at it to improve but it takes time and effort.
- Complex things can be explained in simple and understandable ways. You need to show people why it matters and give them examples. Bag the jargon and cluttered slides.
- We all have an inspirational talk inside us. Everyone has a story to tell.

Martha has run her own marketing consulting firm since 1993, providing services to Fortune 100 firms such as HP, Intuit, and Salesforce, and numerous start-up companies. She also works as a communications coach and guest lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she has coached TED talks and dozens of inspirational speeches.

Martha earned an MBA from the University of California-Berkeley. She has a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.