Machine Learning: Trends, Terminology, and Toolkits

Presenter: Jennifer Bolton

Self-driving cars? Robot butlers? Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly making the headlines. But how accessible are they for businesses that do not have large teams of data scientists? In this webinar, Jennifer Bolton will cover the machine learning lifecycle, demystify terms like deep learning, and demonstrate how to use pre-trained models to support popular use cases from lead scoring to image analysis.

Jennifer Bolton is Sr. Director of Marketing at Dato, a machine learning provider which makes sophisticated machine learning easy to build, deploy, and iterate quickly. As an IT consultant with PwC, she traveled around the US and internationally for seven years before settling in Seattle. Since then, Jennifer has held Marketing and Product leadership roles at F5 Networks, Smartsheet, and Allrecipes. Jennifer loves geeking out on new technologies which make people's lives exponentially easier.