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How to STOP the Social Media Struggle: Five Steps to Clarity and Conversions

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Presenter: Kyra Reed

The single biggest mistake that people make with their social media is not having a PROVEN strategy. They go straight to the tactics and this approach adds unnecessary hours of work to your week and actually BLOCKS leads and sales from coming in! You end up frustrated, lost and confused.

We understand this because we've witnessed hundreds of entrepreneurs and our agency client companies come to us completely tangled in the social web, unable to figure out how to fix their social efforts.

In fact, we were seeing so many clients like this that we knew we needed to develop an actual process we could put them through, to help get them on the right path with their social and out of making the same mistakes again. We knew the Right System would need to be:

- Simple to follow
- Accessible for companies of any size, regardless of available resources
- Easy to implement

It would also need to provide the most important tenets of social media and turn efforts into income. We searched high and low and nothing like this existed in the industry, so we created it ourselves.

Since then, we have tested it with everyone from brand new entrepreneurs, to start-ups, to our established corporate clients. We have refined it, optimized it, published it on Forbes and Adweek's Social Times, and we teach it every single week. And now, we are very excited to be able to share it with you.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

- The simplest and most effective method for developing an easy-to-execute social media strategy
- The right mindset to conquer social media
- How to create powerful, long lasting connections that convert into a stream of traffic, leads and sales
- The process to define your brand, messaging and positioning — the right way, once and for all
- The best path to reach your target audience and ensure your content converts into $ales
- The exact steps to turn your social media into a selling machine!

Once you understand the fundamental building blocks of a social media strategy, you can start applying all those tactics and finally you will start seeing results from your efforts!

Kyra Reed is an industry veteran and a community-focused brand innovator, who brings a unique and fresh social-first approach to brand marketing and digital strategy. Prior to co-founding [made to order], she spent 15 years working with dozens of companies of all sizes ranging from traditional to social marketing, including start-ups, mid-size businesses and well-known events such as the Monterey Pop Festival.

For her work spearheading the revitalization of the iconic Roxy Theater and Sunset Strip in Los Angeles entertainment district, she was named a ‘Social Media Pioneer,' by Entrepreneur Magazine. In this role, she has one of the most prominent social media case studies to date.

Reed is the author of Blog 101, a beginner's guide to blogging and a contributor to The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing by Beverly Macy. She has guest-lectured at UCLA and USC and has spoken at a number of conferences, including Digital Music Forum West, Blog World, ASCAP Expos and SXSW. Her work has been featured in top tier media outlets including TechCrunch, The New York Times and NPR.