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Think Like A Goddess, Work Like A Genius

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 Presenter: Will Marré

The pervasive myth of the hero's journey has created masculine work cultures that tend to disengage women and magnify their work-life conflicts. This session presents the "Heroines Journey" that explains how career development and daily work-life harmony can be created by women to achieve both professional success and personal happiness.

Key takeaways:

- How to align your daily schedule with your "future self" vision
- Identify and learn to use 6 daily energy peaks to increase productivity, resilience and health
- SMART Power tools that positively shift how you work with others and how you are treated
- 3 mindfulness habits that increase confidence and optimism

"Will Marré was one of the best speakers I've heard... He was both entertaining and engaging at presenting this topic. And I was so pleased that he presented actual actionable steps that I can take... " - Women In Technology International (WITI) member